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Hawthorn Basket

New book published today!

New book published today!

Our new book Wayside Medicine, forgotten plants and how to use them is published today by Merlin Unwin Books. For all those of you who have been waiting for a second volume of Hedgerow Medicine, this is essentially it.

The best herbs to use for medicine are those that you have growing all around you, wherever you live. There will probably be a number of the well known plants, like dandelion and plantain, but there are lots of other plants that you may have wondered about. Can this be used for anything? Many of these plants are medicinal, but have fallen out of favour or are not available commercially. These are the plants we are using and getting to know, often with inspiration from old herbals like John Parkinson's Theatrum Botanicum from 1640. Other herbalists have been a great source of inspiration, as there seems to be a growing desire among herbalists to use local plants and experiment with them. Traditional uses of plants in other countries can also be really helpful, especially countries without a National Health System, where people still use what is growing freely around them.

Posted 04 May 2017