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Our new book! Publication on 3rd March 2022

Our new book!  Publication on 3rd March 2022

Eat your Weeds!

Eat your Weeds! is more than a recipe book, more than a foraging book, more than a medicinal herbal. It's a plant-based, 90-recipe inspiration for anybody who has weeds in their lawn, border, allotment or field. Which is pretty much all of us.

Find out how weeds can be turned into delicious, nutritious and healthy recipes. They are just too good to put in the compost: they are sustainable, you don't even have to cultivate them, and they are totally free.

We have chosen 24 familiar weeds, including one mushroom. Each has a full plant bio, including the factors of 'weedness' that make them so successful, and simple but delightful recipes that are easy to follow and achieve.

The publisher is Merlin Unwin Books, the date is 3 March 2022 and the price is £25.

Here are the full contents of Eat your Weeds!:

Alexanders 14 • Alexanders Tempura 18 • Alexanders Salt 20
• Alexanders & Red Cabbage Slaw 21 • Alexanders Stems 22 • Alexanders Roots 23
Blackberry 24 Blackberry with Pancakes 29 Blackberry Butter 30 Blackberry Flummery 32
Blackberry Passionfruit Pavlova 34 Blackberry & Plum Jam 36
Chickweed 38 Chickweed Pesto 42 Chickweed & Peach Salad 44 Citrus Dressing for Chickweed & Peach Salad 45 Chickweed Hummous 46 Chickweed Crostini 47
Cleavers 50 Cleavers Cold Infusion 53 Cleavers Moussaka 54 Cleavers Stir Fry 56
Cresses 58 Cress & Pomegranate Salad 61
Daisy & Ox-eye Daisy 62 Daisy Tea 67 Daisy Raita 68
Dandelion 70 Dandelion Flower Jam 76 Dandelion Flower Nuggets 78
Dandelion Greens & Noodles 80 Dandelion Flower Syrup 81 Dandelion Flower Cake 82
Dandelion Fizz 84
Elder 86 Elderflower & Rose Cordial 90 Elderflower Fruit Salad 93
Elderflower & Raspberry Coulis 94 Elderberry Vinegar 95 Elderberry Spotted Pudding 96
Elderberry Beans 98
Fat Hen & Orache 100 Fat Hen Freekeh Salad 105 Orache Tart 106
Fat Hen in Coconut Milk 108 Bathua ka Saag 111 Fat Hen Empanadas 112
Ground Elder 114 Ground Elder Roots & Shoots 118 Ground Elder Bhajis 119
Ground Elder Frittata 120 Ground Elder Bishop’s Delight 121 Ground Elder Kimchi 122
Ground Ivy 124 Ground Ivy Kombucha 128 Ground Ivy Hot Cross Buns 130
Ground Ivy Scones 132 Ground Ivy Shortbread 134
Hogweed 136 Creamy Hogatoni 141 Hogweed Paella 142 Hogweed Tempura 144
Hogweed Biscuits (Cookies) 145 Hogweed Seed Cake 146
Honey Mushroom 148 Honey Mushroom Glazed Peppers 152
Honey Mushroom with Paprika 154 Honey Mushroom Risotto 155
Jack by the Hedge 156 Jack by the Hedge Mash 159 Jack by the Hedge Wraps 160 Jack by the Hedge Sushi 162 Jack by the Hedge Stir Fry 164
Mugwort 166 Mugwort Rice 171 Mugwort-smoked Kebabs 172
Mugwort & Mushroom Soup 174 Mugwort & Lemon Kefir 176
Nettle 178 Nettle Purée 183 Nettle Cake 184 Nettle Crisps 186 Nettle Risotto 187
Nettle Tagliatelle 188 Nettle Bannock 190 Nettle & Pea Soup 191 Nettle Saag Aloo 192
Nettle Banana Bread 193
Nipplewort 194 Nipplewort Gremolata 199 Zanzibari-style Nipplewort 200
Nipplewort Tabbouleh 202 Nipplewort Spring Soup 204 Nipplewort Gyozu/Jiaozi 206
Plantain 208 Waybread Seed Crackers 213 Waybread Buns 214 Plantain with Garlic 215
Sorrel 216 Sorrel Zhug 220 Sorrel Pikelets 221
Sowthistle 222 Simply Sowthistle 228 Sowthistle in Peanut Sauce 229
Sowthistle Bud Pakora 230 Sowthistle with Noodles 232 Sowthistle & Corn Muffins 234
Spear Thistle 236 Spear Thistle Lemonade 241
Yarrow 242 • Yarrow Za'atar 248 Yarrow Mercimek Köftesi 249

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The Big Book of Backyard Medicine

The Big Book of Backyard Medicine

In North America, a combined version of Backyard Medicine and Backyard Medicine for All (Hedgerow Medicine and Wayside Medicine in the UK) has been published as The Big Book of Backyard Medicine. It's a larger format than the individual Backyard books and it looks great!

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Here are our suggestions for staying well. Covid-19 is new, and we don't really know what to expect. The most important thing is to avoid getting ill in the first place. There are simple things we can all do which will help.


Don't panic!

It's bad for your immune system, and won't help in any way

Remember to breathe!

Drink chamomile tea

Flower essences can be really helpful. Use Five Flower Essence or Rescue Remedy or other emergency essences if you have them, or try these excellent essences made by our friend Saskia (she also does alcohol-free essences):

Follow the official advice of:

Physical distancing from other people

Washing hands frequently with soap and warm water

Avoid touching your face with your hands

How long does the virus survive on surfaces?

Virus are alive, but can only reproduce in a host – they basically hijack your DNA to replicate themselves. They have a limited life span outside a host body. Research has shown that Covid-19 dies after a few hours if airborne, but that it can survive much longer on various surfaces. It can survive for the longest time on plastic and on stainless steel, up to 3 days. Clean these with soap and warm water.

Ensure you are getting plenty of:

Sleep – this is really important

Fresh air – open windows if you can't go out


Vitamin D (sunshine, mushrooms etc)

Vitamin C (fruit and vegetables)

Zinc (pumpkin seeds, etc)

Omega 3 fatty acids (flax seed, chia seed, salmon, walnuts etc)

Garlic and onions

Fruit and vegetables

Keep warm:

Elevate body temperature through exercise

Avoid getting chilled

If you do get cold, warm up in a hot bath, by exercising, or go to bed with a hot water bottle or heating pad

Use a sauna, hot tub, sweat lodge or other heat source (hot bath) to raise body temperature

Foods to avoid:

Sugar and other highly processed foods

Wheat (increases inflammation)

Dairy products (mucus-forming)

Any known food allergens or intolerances

Big meals and heavy foods, such as red meat

Do things that make you feel good:

Find ways to relax, and do something creative that you enjoy. If you have access to green spaces, walk and enjoy the spring flowers. Garden. If you can't leave your house, try an online yoga class, or get creative with your cooking. Play music, dance.


Herbs that help prevent infection:

This is a time when kitchen medicine really comes into its own, as we should all have access to food, including herbs and spices.

From your pantry or the greengrocers:

Black pepper













Oregano and marjoram


Spring onions

Star anise


In addition, there are many wild plants growing freely around us that are helpful, so if you have access to a garden or some green space where you can pick these plants, they are free medicine (and food!). This is also where edible weeds come into their own – it might be too early in the spring for many vegetables to be ready for harvest, but weeds are growing strongly now and are full of nutrients.

From your garden or the wild:


Honeysuckle flowers

Lemon balm


Ramsons (wild garlic)

Rose flowers


St John's wort

Three-cornered leek


Making a herb tea is the simplest way to use these plants as medicine. Of course, you could make tinctures, glycerites and oxymels if you are used to making these things. Dosage would be 1 teaspoonful two or three times a day. They can also be used if you do become ill - just increase the dosage at the first sign of feeling unwell, to about 5 times a day.

We have posted a recipe for thieves' vinegar on the recipes page of this website, and will also be posting other useful recipes over the next few days:

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new edition of Backyard Medicine

Backyard Medicine

Backyard Medicine

Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies

Julie Bruton-Seal, Matthew Seal

  • Backyard Medicine is the North American edition of Hedgerow Medicine. (and Backyard Medicine for All is the N. American title for Wayside Medicine, just to be confusing!)
  • 224 Pages
  • May 7, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781510748064
  • Imprint: Skyhorse Publishing

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Hedgerow Silver

Hedgerow Silver

Here is a selection of our beautiful Hedgerow Silver jewellery. Each piece is unique, made from recycled silver, and is 99.9% pure silver. Most pieces are made to order, though we usually also have some items in stock ready to send out.

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Backyard Medicine for All

Backyard Medicine for All

Wayside Medicine has now been published in the US as Backyard Medicine for All. It is a smaller format paperback, but the content is the same as the UK edition. It looks good!

Published by Skyhorse Publishing ISBN: 978-1-5107-2594-2

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New! Hedgerow Silver

New! Hedgerow Silver

Fine silver jewellery designed and hand-made by Julie Bruton-Seal

Each piece is unique.

Inspired by plants of hedgerow and woodland, Julie creates fine silverwork using silver clay (made from recycled silver from old mobile phones and other electronic devices). Once fired, they are 99.9% pure silver.

These will be available for sale soon. Each piece is made to order, and commissions will be accepted for bespoke designs.

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New book published today!

New book published today!

Our new book Wayside Medicine, forgotten plants and how to use them is published today by Merlin Unwin Books. For all those of you who have been waiting for a second volume of Hedgerow Medicine, this is essentially it.

The best herbs to use for medicine are those that you have growing all around you, wherever you live. There will probably be a number of the well known plants, like dandelion and plantain, but there are lots of other plants that you may have wondered about. Can this be used for anything? Many of these plants are medicinal, but have fallen out of favour or are not available commercially. These are the plants we are using and getting to know, often with inspiration from old herbals like John Parkinson's Theatrum Botanicum from 1640. Other herbalists have been a great source of inspiration, as there seems to be a growing desire among herbalists to use local plants and experiment with them. Traditional uses of plants in other countries can also be really helpful, especially countries without a National Health System, where people still use what is growing freely around them.

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Hay Festival, in Hay on Wye on May 29th 2015

Hay Festival, in Hay on Wye on May 29th 2015

We gave a talk at the Hay Festival in May about John Parkinson's great herbal of 1640 and our new book The Herbalist's Bible. It was a real honour to be asked to speak there, and it was wonderful being around thousands of people who love books and enjoy reading.

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Hedgerow Medicine is Backyard Medicine in USA

Hedgerow Medicine is Backyard Medicine in USA

A North American edition of Hedgerow Medicine was published in the USA as Backyard Medicine in spring 2009. It is a smaller paperback book, and has been updated to reflect North American distribution of the plants etc. There is now a hardback version as well.

$14.95 ($19.95 Canada)
Paperback | 7 1/2 x 9 5/8
Color Illustrations : 416
Published: May 2009
ISBN: 9781602397019

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