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Agrimonia eupatoria, A. procera

Rose family

Description: Upright perennials with spikes of yellow flowers reaching up to 60cm.

Habitat: Meadows and roadsides/grassy places.

Distribution: Throughout the British Isles except for the north of Scotland and the Welsh mountains, but more common in the south. Native to Europe, introduced to North America.

Agrimony stops bleeding of all sorts, and is used in trauma treatment and surgery in Chinese hospitals. It helps relieve pain too, and has a long tradition as a wound herb as well as for treating liver, digestive and urinary tract problems.

Agrimony tightens and tones the tissues, and, in a seeming contradiction, also relaxes tension, both physical and mental. This is the herb for when you’re feeling frazzled, when stress and tension or pain are causing torment.