Chickweed in a pestle & mortar

Hawthorn Basket



Stellaria media

Pink family

Description: A floppy, sprawling annual plant with soft green leaves and tiny star-like white flowers.

Habitat: Gardens, hedgebanks and wasteground.

Distribution: Very common throughout the British Isles. Native to Europe and Asia but now found as a weed worldwide. 

This is the best-known herbal remedy for itchy skin and hot skin inflammations of various types. Chickweed is a soothing, nutritious and cooling herb, with a reputation for clearing stubborn, long-lasting bodily conditions.

It has special affinities for the eyes, lungs and chest, and can be eaten as a food. As you’ll see, it is far more than chickenfeed! 

For more information about chickweed, see the book Hedgerow Medicine, pages 26 to 29.