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Hawthorn Basket



Meadowsweet glycerite
Pick meadowsweet flowers on a dry sunny day. Spread them on a cloth outside and let any insects escape, then pack the flowers into a jar large enough to hold them. Make a mix of 60% vegetable glycerine with 40% water (ie for 100ml, you would use 60ml glycerine and 40ml water), and pour this mixture onto the meadowsweet until the jar is full. Stir to release any trapped air bubbles and top up if necessary.

Put the jar on a sunny windowsill, pushing the flowers back under the liquid every few days if necessary, or employ a plastic ‘preserving plunger’ used in jam-making to keep it down. It’s a good idea to put a saucer under your jar, as sometimes the glycerine will ooze out at the top. After two weeks, strain off the liquid, bottle and label it.

Dose: 1 teaspoonful three times a day for stomach problems. A teaspoonful can also just be taken just when it’s needed for heartburn and indigestion, with a second dose after an hour if necessary.