Chickweed in a pestle & mortar

Hawthorn Basket



Description: A tall, slightly aromatic per-ennial with silvery flower spikes, growing to 1–3m. Leaves are pinnate, dark green and smooth above, silver beneath.

Habitat: Waysides, roadsides, waste ground.

Distribution: Found in most of the British Isles except south-west Ireland and the hills of northern England and Scotland. Found across Europe to Asia and North America.

Related species: Chinese mugwort (A. verlotiorum) is well established around London. Wormwood (A. absinthium) grows in parts of England and Wales. Hoary mugwort (A. stelleriana) is found on some coastal dunes, and sea wormwood (Seriphidium maritimum) on dry edges of saltmarshes and seawalls. There are a few other species with local distribution.

Worldwide, there are hundreds of species of Artemisia, including tarragon and North American sagebrush.

Parts used: Flowering tops and leaves.