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Red clover

Red clover

An important nitrogen-fixing forage crop, red clover is also a significant medicinal plant with a long history as a blood cleanser. It is used for chronic constipation, skin complaints, chronic
degenerative diseases and bronchitis. It has been included in many anti-cancer formulae, and helps balance hormone levels during the menopause, relieving symptoms such as hot flushes.

Description: A common perennial with  purplish-red flowers and a single pale
chevron on the leaves.

Habitat: Grassland, road verges.

Distribution: Native and also cultivated throughout the British Isles and Europe; naturalised in the Americas, Australia and many other places.

Related species: The other common species is white clover (T. repens), with medicinal uses similar to those of red clover. There are over 200 species of clover worldwide.

Parts used: Flower heads with upper leaves, collected in early summer.