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Cleavers water

Cleavers water

The is the perfect time to give your lymphatic system a spring cleanse. Your lymph is a vital part of your immune system. Lymph is a clear fluid with white blood cells in it. After your blood plasma delivers oxygen and food to your cells, it collects the metabolic rubbish from the cells and is transported by the lymphatic system back towards the heart. Lymph nodes clean the fluid before it rejoins the blood stream near the heart.

Cleavers (Galium apparine) is at its best this time of year in the northern hemisphere. It is the sticky, velcro-like plant that children like to throw at your back, and which cleaves to your clothes with little hooked hairs.

The easiest way to use cleavers is to make a cold infusion. Simply pick young stems, put them in a jug and fill it up with cool water. Leave overnight, and drink over the course of the next day. The water can be topped up, but it's best to make a fresh batch every day.

Posted 26 Mar 2020