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Onion poultice

Onion poultice

Onion is very versatile - you can use fresh or dried, cooked or raw, warm or cool. For a tight chest, use a warm onion poultice if you feel chilled or raw onion if you feel hot. Raw onion is more likely to irritate the skin, so if you are doing this for a child you could cook the onion or else simply remove the poultice if the skin becomes sore.

Simply peel and finely chop half an onion. It can be used raw, but we usually cook it a bit. You can make more of a paste of it by adding a little water, then some cornmeal or flour to thicken. Then wrap it in a square of cloth and apply to the chest to ease breathing. It can be kept warm with a hot water bottle if necessary. Repeat if needed.

Raw onion can be used to draw out heat and inflammation from bites, stings, boils and splinters. Simply place a piece of cut onion on the affected area, and hold in place with a bandage or bandaid.

Here is a video from one of our readers who found an onion poultice helpful for chest pain due to pneumonia from probable Covid-19. She shows you just how simple it is to prepare.

Posted 02 Apr 2020