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Three Spice Powder

Three Spice Powder

Many people are experiencing hay fever at this time of year. Luckily there is a brilliant kitchen remedy. This recipe was adapted from the traditional Ayurvedic Trikatu formula by our friend Vicky Pitman, replacing the long pepper of the original with aniseed which is much easier to obtain in the west and which also tastes much better.

Three spice powder can be taken to relieve the symptoms of hay fever and colds, but can also be taken at a low daily dose for prevention. It is also very beneficial for a sluggish digestion and for the circulation.

Mix equal parts of powders of ginger, black pepper and aniseed. This can be kept in a jar. To use it, take 1/2 teaspoonful mixed into a paste with a little local honey. Once a day is sufficient for prevention, but if you have itchy eyes and a runny nose or sore throat, take as often as needed to manage the symptoms.

Posted 15 Apr 2020