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Hedgerow Medicine: your comments

"Thank you so much for creating such a lovely book – fascinating, interesting and beautifully presented. The photos are exquisite – some with a mystical quality."

"I just had to write to thank you for Hedgerow Medicine. The sheer beauty of the book impels one to open it, and every page is a magical journey of enrichment...."

"Fantastic, I had hours of fun creating yummy potions in the kitchen following these recipes."

"At last!  A herbal with photographs.  I have longed for a book like this for years.  Here we have an in depth look at fifty British plants, each one of which is plentiful and readily available in our local countryside, with detailed information in a very accessible format."

"I found it hard to put down, once I began to read it.  Lured on by the verdant pictures and intriguing bits of information in the margins, I found myself absorbed for hours.  I was both humbled and delighted to find many facts and applications for herbs that were new to me.  The authors have obviously taken time and trouble over the detailed and wide-ranging contents and arranged this information in a pleasing and lively presentation."

"This is a really easy to follow, great book. It was exactly what I was looking for, a simple, comprehensive guide to hedgerow medicine. I've followed some of the very simple methods for making the tinctures with success. I can't recommend it highly enough, it gives excellent information on the plants and the illnesses they can treat and how. Would love to see a follow-up book for another 50 less common garden/hedgerow herbs."

"After 35yrs as a professional horticulturalist i found this book both enjoyable to read and an easily acessible source of knowledge.
It is very different from the usual herbal or botanical books and contains many of our common easily found plants, some well known, others known more as a food,weed or garden flower than medicinally.
I will certainly be trying some of the treatments and formulations and wait in anticipation for the spring and Linden Tea with Burdock toffee.
This is a book to relish for the amateur or professional alike."

"Aesthetically, it's just beautiful - full of clear photos of plant specimens in situ or against a white background to make it easy to see each species' distinguishing features for identification. The page layouts are clear and look good."

"I looked through a lot of similar books before buying this one. It is by far the clearest and best written of all those I looked at and I can highly recommend it. "

"Initially I was concerned that 50 plants would be very limiting but in fact it sets this book apart from those encyclopedias that list 100s of plants without giving enough detail for the beginner. 50 plants is actually quite a lot, when you begin to learn how many different conditions they are useful for. No previous knowledge or special equipment is required, and so it's very quick and easy to get stuck into using local plants that we will all have access to close to home."

"I absolutely love this book, i can't stop picking it up and it just about covers everything. The illustrations along with the informative text is a joy to read, and it makes for easy reading and plant id. A good book for the beginner or more experienced hedgerow hunter."