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Courses and Workshops

Learn how to make your own herbal remedies on one of our workshops, or take our Hedgerow Medicine course to learn in more depth and really develop the confidence to treat yourself, family and friends. Workshops and courses are held in beautiful rural south Norfolk.

8th April  Spring Foraging Day, all day including lunch £69

18th April   Poultices, Fomentations and Footbaths, half day workshop £30

25th July  Syrups, Oxymels and Electuaries, half-day workshop £30


For more information about any of these, see the events and workshops page or contact us on 01508 489 256

Workshops can be booked and paid for in our online shop.

What is Hedgerow Medicine?

Britain's hedgerows and countryside abound with medicinal plants, and many of these plants are found around the world. People have always used local wild plants and herbs for food and medicine, but much of this knowledge has been lost.

We are so lucky in Britain to have hedgerows and miles and miles of public footpaths, giving us access to a wealth of wild plants to harvest for food and medicine. In newer countries, like the US and Australia, there aren't hedgerows and there is no tradition of communal access to the land, but wherever you live there will be weeds and other healing plants all around you.

Even if you live in the city, there are many useful plants that thrive on vacant lots and waste land, or grow wild in the smallest gardens. Elder, nettles, plantain, dandelion, dock, cleavers, yarrow and self-heal are among the most potent of medicinal plants, yet grow almost everywhere. The book Hedgerow Medicine (Backyard medicine in the US) gives clear instructions on using 50 common medicinal plants, with details on harvesting and recipes for making your own teas, tinctures, glycerites, poultices, oxymels, ointments and other preparations.

Why make your own medicines?

An excellent reason to harvest and make your own local herbal medicines is the pleasure the whole process brings. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what is in your medicines. And, it's medicine for free!

If you pick your own herbs, there are no air miles to consider. Also, the current regulatory environment is running against over-the-counter herbal preparations, and there is almost certain to be less choice and more control in future. All in all, the best option is to learn to make your own remedies.


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