Chickweed in a pestle & mortar

Hawthorn Basket

Eat your Weeds!

More than a recipe book, more than a foraging book, more than a medicinal herbal, this book is full of delicious plant-based recipes for nutritious edible weeds.

ISBN: 978-1-913159-37-5


"Prepare to be amazed. Weeds are beautiful, nourishing, medicinal, and unbelievably tasty. I love this book. It's surprising, beautiful, and turnes your garden or walk into an adventure, a delight of new recipes."

Martin Shaw, actor and patron of Viva!


"Eating your weeds is a wonderful and innovative idea. Only Julie and Matthew could have found out that there is real medicinal virtue in a whole host of them, including the ground elder hated by every gardener, and offered delicious ways to prepare them. I am sure the book will enjoy a huge and well-deserved success."

Barbara Griggs, author of Green Pharmacy.


"So much more than a foraging bible (but that too!). A passion for cooking and eating shines through this book, accompanied by stunning photography. Locally sourced, seasonal and free – we can't wait to get stuck in!"

Mina-Said Allsopp & Sam Havis, Wildcraft Bakery and Cafe, Leeds


"As a professional gardener I have spent half a century engaged in botanical ethnic cleansing. Reading Eat your Weeds! has given me a new respect and facination with the Auld Enemy. This is a beautiful and absorbing volume that should be on every gardener's shelves – buy it!"

Jim Buckland, former manager of West Dean Gardens, Sussex.


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