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Wayside Medicine

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ISBN: 978-1-910723-35-7


This book is the long-awaited sequel to Hedgerow Medicine, with the next 50 or so plants. These are common medicinal plants, but many of them are less well known and less often used than they were once. They are all deserving of a place in every modern hedgerow medicine cupboard.

The North American edition is called Backyard Medicine for


Some reader's and review comments on Wayside Medicine:  

I have received my copy of your new book and it's brilliant.

My loved ones can't get over that it's the most excited they've seen me about receiving anything! You're amazing keep it up!

This book has it all! It is packed full of interest for the herbalist, plant-lover and gardener alike, inspiring us to use these often overlooked plants for medicines and food. I love it! Glennie Kindred, author of Letting in the Wild Edges

My copy came today, what a beautiful book, thank you! Very happy 🌱🌱🌱

This exciting and important book challenges us to look again at the wondrous array of native wild plants around us that we have forgotten how to use. I will be revisiting my materia medica and making the most of this inspirational information. Christine Herbert, The Herbalist


We are a bit slow loading all the new herbs on our website, but the contents of the book are:

Alexanders   Ash   Avens    Bistort   Black horehound   Blackthorn   Bugle   Butcher’s broom   Chicory    Cranesbill    Creeping jenny & yellow loosestrife   Daisy  Fleabane   Forget-me-not   Fumitory   Goldenrod   Greater celandine   Ground elder   Ground ivy   Gypsywort    Heather & bell heather   Herb robert   Hogweed   Lesser celandine   Mouse-ear hawkweed   Navelwort    Ox-eye daisy   Pine   Primrose & cowslip   Purple loosestrife   Rowan   Sanicle   Scabious   Sea buckthorn   Silverweed, tormentil & cinquefoil   Sowthistle   Speedwell   Sphagnum moss    Sweet chestnut    Thistle    Valerian   Violet   Walnut    Wild carrot    Wild strawberry   Woundwort

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